POS Planogramming


POS Worldwide has over 20 years of experience in planogram services for a broad base of retail clients, manufactures and brokers. Due to our involvement in varied industries from speciality retail to grocery, leisure to health and beauty aids in the success of our clients.

Working closely with our clients we offer justification for range and space changes, by analyzing available space and sales. Planograms are produced in 3D visual outputs that enhance your category range review presentation, along with supporting analysis using reports and graphs. This will ensure correct allocation of space to each product, brand and category.

Benefits of Planogramming

  • Assign selling potential to every inch of retail space
  • Build presentations using 3D views and sales analysis
  • Create consistent look and feel across multiple store
  • Produce gap analysis to understand lost opportunities
  • Share plans with clients in common planogram format
  • Compare product distribution across multiple store
  • Tighter inventory control and reduction of out-of- stocks

We understands how vital merchandising principles are to maximise the visual display of products and that each category requires individual definition. Working in collaboration with our retail and supplier clients we develop principles for merchandising which help you to achieve category objectives.

  • Maximise visual impact on shelf, understand hot spots
  • Consumers find your products with ease
  • Stores understand how products are placed
  • Consistent look and feel across stores